Windgoo B20 – Setup

Windgoo® B20 14″

350W 6Ah Folding Electric Bike

Today we’ll unbox and set up the Windgoo B20 folding bike. This is a cool electric bike that is very small and convenient to carry.
The B20 comes almost assembled, this is going to be quick!
Open the box, you’ll see the bike itself and a small box with the charger, pedals, user manual, and tools inside.
Cut the paperboard and release the bicycle. All parts are assembled and attached to the bike’s frame.

Remove all the protective foam.
Unfold and lock the handlebar neck.
Undo the cable ties to release the saddle.
Unfold the stem fastener, adjust the handlebar for your comfort and fold the fastener back.

windgoo b20 fig1

Windgoo B20 Specs

Motor specification: 36V/350W
Battery capacity: 36V/6.0Ah
Is the battery removable: No
Charger voltage: 42V/1.5A
Charging port: DC2.1

Charging time: 4-5 hours
Tires: 14-inch pneumatic nylon tires, wear-resistant
Controller: 36V/14-inch motor
Display: Square LCD display
Brakes: Front and rear double mechanical disk brakes

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The bike arrives very well protected with several layers of plastic and foam that need to be removed.
Unfold the saddle fastener, insert the saddle and adjust the height for your comfort.
Fold back and tighten the saddle fastener.

Place the left pedal, make sure to have the one marked with the letter “L” on it.
Screw it counterclockwise onto the crank by hand.
Then tighten firmly using the No.15 wrench.

The right pedal has the letter “R” on it and is screwed clockwise.
Then tighten firmly using the No.15 wrench.
The bike is almost ready to ride! Twist the bell in place and use a screwdriver to secure it.
Before riding the B20, the tires need to be inflated.

36V 6.0AH
engwe ep-2 pro
350 W
14″ Tires
Max Speed

Windgoo B20 - VIDEO REVIEW

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windgoo b20 folded

Windgoo B20 - Pictures

windgoo b20 fig5
windgoo b20 fig5
windgoo b20 fig2
windgoo b20 fig2
windgoo b20 fig3
windgoo b20 fig3
windgoo b20 fig4
windgoo b20 fig4

Essential accessories for this bike: