OneSport OT05

The HIDDEN GEM of E-Bikes? OneSport OT05 Review

250W Dual City E-Bike

The OneSport OT05 has been creating a stir in the e-bike world, and for good reason.
OneSport sent me this bike to test out, and after putting it through its paces for a few weeks, I’m here to share my experience with you.
Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a curious newcomer to the world of e-bikes, this review is for you!

OneSport OT05

First Impressions

The OT05 arrived quickly and securely packaged.
Assembly was a breeze – I even put together a complete unboxing and assembly tutorial you can check out!
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Power and Performance

Let’s delve into the heart of this e-bike: the motor and battery. The OT05 boasts a quiet, 250W motor, the standard for e-bikes in most regions.
It offers a good balance of power and efficiency, giving you a nice boost to get going, especially on inclines. OneSport claims it tackles inclines up to 20 degrees, which is impressive for a city e-bike.
Now, I confess, I unlocked the top speed and hit a thrilling 33.2 km/h! It’s tempting, but remember to check your local regulations before pushing the limits.

A 36V, 18.2Ah battery keeps the motor humming. OneSport advertises a range of 60-120 kilometers, which depends on terrain, weight, and assist level. Cruising around town on eco mode, I achieved closer to 90 kilometers.
Expect the range to drop on hillier commutes or with frequent use of higher assist modes. Regardless, a single charge should conquer most commutes or leisurely rides.
Recharging is flexible – you can charge it on the bike or detach the battery for on-the-go convenience.
The included charger takes 8-10 hours for a full charge.

OneSport OT05
OneSport OT05

Built to Last

The OT05 feels substantial with its aluminum alloy frame, known for being lightweight yet durable.
The welds are clean, the paint job is high-quality, and the components feel well-matched for the price range.A big plus is the torque sensor motor, which provides a natural riding experience by responding to your pedaling pressure.

Comfort and Safety

Comfort is key, and the OT05 delivers with an upright riding position, perfect for city cruising and maintaining good visibility.
The 27.5-inch wheels with 2.25-inch tires offer a nice balance of handling and comfort, ideal for city streets and bike paths. Night riders, rejoice!
The tires feature reflective stripes for extra visibility. For off-road adventures, consider tires with more aggressive tread.

The built-in rear rack is a game-changer for city life, allowing you to carry groceries or a backpack with ease. Plus, the wooden top adds a touch of style!

Hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent stopping power, bringing the bike to a halt quickly when needed.
The Shimano Tourney TZ 7-speed derailleur ensures smooth gear changes. Even without battery power, the OT05 rides just like a regular bike thanks to the gears.

Integrated lights keep you visible at night, activated by holding the “PLUS” button. The bright taillight automatically activates when you brake.
The handlebar layout is well-organized, with all the controls within easy reach, including a USB port for emergency charging!
A bright and colorful display sits in the center, providing clear and easy-to-use information.

The front suspension is a bit basic and could benefit from adjustability for different terrains. The saddle is comfortable, and the OT05 comes with mudguards to keep you clean and dry during unexpected showers.

At 28 kilograms, it’s surprisingly lightweight for a city e-bike, making maneuvering and storing it a breeze.
The adjustable seat post offers a comfortable fit for riders from 160 to 200 centimeters tall. With a 100-kilogram weight capacity, it can handle most riders and their everyday cargo.

The OT05 comes with a companion app, but it’s not essential. The core functionality of the bike is excellent without it.
The app allows for some adjustments, but the cruise control feature didn’t work during my testing.
However, the GPS location tracking is helpful for finding your parked bike. Since the app is free, it’s worth trying to see if it enhances your rides.

OneSport OT05


  • Ananda Motor: 36V 250W 40Nm
  • Maximum Load: 150kg
  • Weight: 28Kg
  • Battery: 36V 18.2AH
  • Riding Modes: 5 Modes
  • Controller: Sine Wave (48V 15A Jing Hui)
  • Max. Load:  100Kg
  • Climbing Angle:  20°
  • Maximum Speed:  25km/h(Legally required in the Eu)
  • Material:  Aluminum alloy frame
  • Pure Electronic Mode Range:  60-120km
OneSport OT05
OneSport OT05


  • Great for city commutes and casual rides
  • Powerful motor with decent battery range
  • Solid build quality with torque sensor motor
  • Comfortable upright riding position


  • Basic front suspension with limited adjustability
  • App feels underdeveloped, with some features
36V, 18.2Ah
engwe ep-2 pro
250W 40Nm.
Hub Motors
27.5″x 2.25″
25 Km/h Max
5 Riding Modes
OneSport OT05
OneSport OT05

Value and Where to Buy

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OneSport OT05 Review

OneSport OT05 Unboxing and Assembling

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