Duotts F26

Unleash Your Inner Thrill-Seeker: The Duotts F26 E-MTB Review

1500W Dual Motors E-Bike

Calling all adrenaline junkies and electric bike enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving deep into the powerful Duotts F26 – a budget-friendly electric mountain bike that packs a serious punch.
Duotts sent me this beast to test, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

Duotts F26

First Impressions: A Beast Ready to Pounce

The F26 arrives neatly packaged with everything for a quick and painless assembly (think 30 minutes!).
This e-bike screams power with its dual motors and a hefty battery. While it adds some weight, if you’re ready for adventure, the F26 is more than ready to conquer any trail.

Duotts F26 E-BIKE

Power & Performance: Hold on Tight!

Just like its cousin the S26, the F26 is a rocket on two wheels. Its dual 750W motors unleash a mind-blowing 1.3 Nm of torque, making hills feel like flat ground and leaving regular bikes in the dust. I hit a whopping 56.3 km/h using just the throttle – seriously impressive!
The pedal-assist system offers five levels for a customizable ride. I cruised comfortably on level 3 with the rear motor for most of my journey.
But when I needed an extra burst of power, the DS button unleashed the front motor, providing a surge of acceleration that felt like a nitrous boost! It’s exhilarating.

The F26’s power is undeniable. The fat tires, raw power, and the satisfying hum of the tires create an unforgettable experience.
However, remember, with great power comes a little less range when using both motors simultaneously.

Range & Battery: How Far Can You Go?

Duotts advertises a range of 120-150 km on a single charge, but that’s under ideal conditions. In reality, expect a solid 60-80 km under typical riding.
Still impressive for the price!

The secret weapon? A massive 48V, 20Ah Samsung battery that prioritizes safety and reliability.
It conveniently recharges on or off the bike, with a full charge taking about 8-10 hours.

Components & Features: Packed with Everything You Need

Let’s talk components. The F26 boasts hydraulic disc brakes for excellent stopping power in any weather, a crucial safety feature for off-road adventures.
The front suspension has a lockout function and rebound adjustment for a smoother ride. While it lacks rear suspension compared to the S26, the Shimano Tourney 7-speed drivetrain tackles most terrains with ease.
And even if the battery dies, those gears will get you home (though remember, this bike is a hefty 83.77 lbs).

The handlebars are well-organized with everything at your fingertips, including power controls, lighting controls, a dual motor switch, a horn, a gear shifter, and even a phone holder.
The display is bright and user-friendly, and it connects via Bluetooth to the Duotts app for further customization.

The saddle is comfortable, the cables are clean, and the external controller is discreetly housed under the saddle.
Now, let’s talk about those incredible 26×4.0 inch fat tires! They offer incredible grip and stability on any terrain, while the fenders keep you mud-free.
The strong rear rack lets you haul your gear, and the lights ensure you’re always seen. Finally, the frame is a masterpiece of durability, boasting impressive welds and a sharp paint job.

Duotts F26 E-BIKE-ride


  • Hall Brushless Motor: 48V, 750W*2
  • Maximum Load: 150kg
  • Motor Brand: GT
  • Suitable Height: 170 – 200cm
  • Battery: 48V, 20AH Samsung battery
  • Riding Modes: Pure electronic mode, pedal assisted mode, riding mode
  • Controller: 48V, 20A Jing Hui Sine Wave controller
  • Climbing Angle: 55°
  • Maximum Speed: 25km/h (Legally required in the Eu)
  • Material: Aluminum alloy frame
  • Pure Electronic Mode Range: 40 – 60km
Duotts F26 E-BIKE-battery
Duotts F26 E-BIKE-Fork

Areas for Improvement: A Few Minor Tweaks

The Duotts app has great potential, but features like GPS tracking and cruise control seem underdeveloped.
Hopefully, these will be addressed in future updates. Additionally, a higher-end fork with more adjustability could offer a smoother ride on technical terrains.
The main display doesn’t show lights or dual motor activation status, which could be improved in future models. However, considering the price tag, these are minor trade-offs for a powerful and enjoyable e-MTB experience!

Who is this E-Bike For? Unleash Your Inner Adventurer!

The F26 is perfect for riders who prioritize affordability and power over creature comforts like full suspension.
It’s ideal for weekend warriors seeking adventure, commuters craving a fun way to get around, or anyone who wants to experience the thrill of a powerful e-MTB. Plus, the frame geometry is comfortable for riders between 170 cm and 200 cm and can handle a payload of up to 150 kg!

Duotts F26 E-BIKE-controls
Duotts F26 E-BIKE Display
48V, 20Ah
Sansung Battery
engwe ep-2 pro
Dual Hub Motors
26″x 4″
58.4 Km/h Max
5 Riding Modes

Value and Where to Buy

Let’s talk value! The DUOTTS F26 comes in at a very attractive €1,349.99.
Plus, I’ve secured a special offer just for you! Use the code BK42100 at checkout to save an additional €100 off the F26. Don’t miss out!

DUOTTS offers free shipping across Europe, plus you’re covered with a full 1-Year Warranty and a generous 30-Day return program.

Grab your Duotts F26 E-bike today and enjoy a €100 discount with the code: BK42100

BK42 stamp of approval? Absolutely!

If you’re searching for a feature-packed e-MTB at a mid-range price, the DUOTTS F26 is a serious contender.

Duotts F26 Review

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