Joyor S5 Electric Scooter

Joyor S5 a Great Electric Scooter under $1000

600W, 13Ah e-Scooter

This is the Joyor S5, a cool affordable electric scooter.
We’ll unbox and review it in this video. So, let’s get started!

It arrived very well packaged and was very easy to unpack and assemble. It looks beautiful! I like the orange details. It looks solid. nice and clean!
To assemble, simply insert the handlebars and tighten the screws with the included tools.
Joyor S5 is ready to ride in less than 5 minutes!

The S5 comes with a 48V 13 amp-hour battery and is said to have a range of around 40-55km. I weigh 81 kg and can ride around 34 km in turbo mode.
This version is equipped with a powerful 600 Watt rear motor. This is the single-engine version.
The torque is great, and heel climbs are no problem. The display is cool and simple. Bright enough even on a sunny day

Joyor S5 Electric Scooter

Joyor S5 Specs

Motor specification: 48V – 600W
Battery capacity: 48V/13Ah
Is the battery removable: No

Charging time: 8-9 hours
Tires: 10-inch pneumatic nylon tires, wear-resistant
Max. Speed: 50Km/h

Joyor S5 Electric Scooter

Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to turn on the headlights. Of course, holding it down will turn it off. Remind that the headlight is mounted to the frame and not the fork, so the headlight does not turn to match the steering direction.
There is a little taillight, battery operated. I got a rear light on my bike needing a new battery.
No big deal, but it could also be integrated into the main battery.
The DYU D3F comes in 14-inch tires, 250-watt hub motor, 36V 10Ah battery and it is just a bit bigger than a usual scooter.

Setting up this bike is very easy as you can see in this video here and the battery arrives almost fully charged.
Speaking of the batteries, it takes about five to six hours to fully charge the battery.
The battery is not removable and must be charged using this small charging port here.
The range is about 37km in pedal assist mode. Not bad for such a small battery!
The maximum speed is 21km/h. It should be around 25km/h, but my bike doesn’t run that fast. Maybe it’s somehow speed-limited.

Buy the Joyor S5 Electric Scooter here:

48V 13AH
engwe ep-2 pro
600 W
10″ Tires
Max Speed

The aluminum frame is well-made and solid. It weighs about 26kg, which is light for an electric scooter.
The S5 is equipped with double mechanical disc brakes. They can stop the scooters well and are quiet.
Another big plus is the cruise control. Cruise control takes over when a constant speed is maintained for more than 10 seconds. Touch the brake to turn it off.

The headlights are powerful and operate with a single push of the ON/OFF button. The side LED and rear lights are cool! Another great thing is the brake lights. It always works, even when the headlights are off.
It comes with 10″ all-terrain tires and a motorcycle-style mudguard. Riding the S5 on dirty should be fine! By the way, the rubber cap on the charging port also protects the system from rain and dust.

If you need to transport or store your S5, it can be folded for easy transport. Unlock the folding system and pull the handlebar, and then lock it; that’s it!

Joyor S5 Electric Scooter

Nothing is perfect, so let’s talk about the Joyor S5‘s cons.

Let’s talk about what I’m not really happy about.
The battery status is indicated by a round bar. When the battery gets low the scooter loses power, which is fine, but when the bar shows 1 (the last bar) the scooter shuts down abruptly without warning.
I’m used to electric bikes, where the power gradually fades to the point where they run out of power, but the bike doesn’t turn off.
This is something that should be improved in the next version.

Small battery. With a 13 amp-hour battery, heavier riders won’t go far.
Riding in mode 2 you definitely get the promised range of 40-50 km, but the top speed is 20 km/h.

Also, it takes around 8 to 9 hours to fully charge. The side stand could also be a little more stable.
I think it’s a pretty good scooter, it does the job, and it looks great in black and orange.
The rubber platform is nice and the metal parts are well-made. It folds very well and is easy to use. I really like the locking system!

The suspension has taken the roads really well, it’s got a lot of giving and a lot of return. I like this!
So overall the Joyor S5 scooter is great. It needs a bit of getting used to it, but it is a good scooter that looks good, functions well, goes pretty fast, stops well, and is a fun ride!
The Joyor S5 was sent to me by they have the best price in Europe and free shipping.
At the time this video was recorded, the Joyor S5 Electric Scooter was €899.

Joyor S5 Electric Scooter - Video Review

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Joyor S5 Electric Scooter - Pictures

Joyor S5 Electric Scooter Headlight
Joyor S5 Electric Scooter Headlight
Joyor S5 Electric Scooter Display
Joyor S5 Electric Scooter Display
Joyor S5 Electric Scooter Folded
Joyor S5 Electric Scooter Folded
Joyor S5 Electric Scooter Motor
Joyor S5 Electric Scooter Motor

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