Joyor S5 Electric Scooter

Joyor S5 a Great Electric Scooter under $1000

600W, 13Ah e-Scooter

In this video, we’ll be unboxing and reviewing the Joyor S5, an affordable and stylish electric scooter. So, let’s dive right in!
Upon receiving the package, we were pleased to find that the Joyor S5 was well-packaged and easy to assemble. The orange details on the scooter give it a nice touch and make it look sleek and clean. Assembling it was a breeze – all we had to do was insert the handlebars and tighten the screws with the included tools. Within 5 minutes, we were ready to ride!

The Joyor S5 boasts a 48V 13 amp-hour battery with a range of 40-55km. In turbo mode, I, weighing 81 kg, was able to ride around 34 km. This version of the scooter is powered by a 600 Watt rear motor that provides excellent torque, making uphill climbs a breeze. The display is bright and easy to read, even on sunny days.

Overall, we think the Joyor S5 is a cool and affordable electric scooter that is perfect for short commutes and leisurely rides. Its easy assembly, sleek design, and powerful motor make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and fun mode of transportation.

Joyor S5 Electric Scooter

Joyor S5 Specs

Motor specification: 48V – 600W
Battery capacity: 48V/13Ah
Is the battery removable: No

Charging time: 8-9 hours
Tires: 10-inch pneumatic nylon tires, wear-resistant
Max. Speed: 50Km/h

Joyor S5 Electric Scooter

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48V 13AH
engwe ep-2 pro
600 W
10″ Tires
Max Speed

The Joyor S5 electric scooter has an impressively well-made and solid aluminum frame that only weighs about 26kg. It’s light for an electric scooter and easy to maneuver.
One of the standout features of the S5 is its double mechanical disc brakes. They’re effective at stopping the scooter and operate quietly. Another great feature is the cruise control, which takes over when a constant speed is maintained for more than 10 seconds. To turn off the cruise control, simply touch the brake.

The S5 also has powerful headlights that turn on with a single push of the ON/OFF button. The side LED and rear lights add to the scooter’s cool look. Additionally, the brake lights work even when the headlights are off. It comes with 10″ all-terrain tires and a motorcycle-style mudguard, making it suitable for riding on dirt roads. The rubber cap on the charging port also helps protect the system from rain and dust.

When it’s time to transport or store your S5, it’s easy to fold. Simply unlock the folding system, pull the handlebar, and lock it back in place.
That’s all there is to it!

Joyor S5 Electric Scooter

Let’s discuss some drawbacks of the Joyor S5 electric scooter.
While the scooter is impressive, there are a few areas for improvement. Firstly, the battery status indicator is represented by a round bar. When the battery runs low, the scooter suddenly shuts down without warning when the bar indicates 1 (the last bar). Unlike electric bikes, which gradually lose power before running out, the scooter’s sudden shutdown can be alarming. This is something that could be improved in future versions.

Another issue is the scooter’s small battery capacity of 13 amp-hours, which may not suffice for heavier riders. The maximum speed of 20 km/h in mode 2 also poses a limitation. Additionally, the scooter’s charging time of around 8 to 9 hours is relatively long, and the side stand could be more stable.

Despite these issues, the Joyor S5 is a good-looking and well-functioning scooter that folds easily and has a reliable locking system. The metal parts are well-made, and the rubber platform provides a comfortable ride. The suspension effectively absorbs bumps and rough terrain.

Overall, the Joyor S5 is an excellent scooter that takes some time to get used to but delivers a fun ride, good speed, and reliable stopping power. If you’re interested in purchasing the Joyor S5, offers the best price in Europe with free shipping. At the time of this video, the Joyor S5 Electric Scooter was priced at €899.

Joyor S5 Electric Scooter - Video Review

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Joyor S5 Electric Scooter - Pictures

Joyor S5 Electric Scooter Headlight
Joyor S5 Electric Scooter Headlight
Joyor S5 Electric Scooter Display
Joyor S5 Electric Scooter Display
Joyor S5 Electric Scooter Folded
Joyor S5 Electric Scooter Folded
Joyor S5 Electric Scooter Motor
Joyor S5 Electric Scooter Motor