Freego DK200 – Review

Freego DK200 – Review

1200W 48V Moped-Style Electric Bike

I am presenting the Freego DK200 e-bike today, which is a stylish moped-style bicycle. This electric bicycle has a 1200 watt motor and a 48v 20ah battery, similar to the Super 73 bike. Although it is advertised as a 1200-watt motor, it actually only peaks at 1200 watts. The power output of the motor is not specified, but I assume it is a 750-watt motor. If this is the case, it would be legal for road use in the United States, but not in Europe.

The steel frame is one size and lightweight and well-constructed. It is suitable for people between 160cm and 195cm tall and can support a maximum weight of 120kg. The seat post is fixed and non-adjustable, but changing the rider’s position on the saddle can provide a different riding experience.

The bike has a large integrated plastic headlight that is very bright and looks great, resembling a motorcycle light when riding in the dark.
The 20-inch aluminum wheels have fat tires, measuring 20×4, which are ideal for all-terrain adventures, including snow, beach, and off-road use. Additionally, the sturdy plastic fenders are both practical and fashionable, especially on rainy days.


Looking at the handlebars, the left lever controls the mechanical front brake and the right lever controls the hydraulic rear brake.
Yes, that is what I said! It comes with a rear hydraulic brake only. Freego, if you are watching this video, please make sure both brakes on your new bike are hydraulic.
It has two 160 mil rotors, and the rear brake is soft to push and powerful stopping the bike shortly when used.
To make the bike safer, the brakes are equipped with motor inhibitors that cut off motor power when the brakes are applied.
On the left is a small LCD display that basically controls all settings on this bike.

There isn’t much to configure here, but you can change metrics and other small settings as needed. The Freego website gives you all the details on how to set up your bike if you need it.
Unlocking top speed is also featured in their video.
If you press and hold the “plus” button actually turns the light on, and of course, pressing it again turns it off. Another cool feature is the rear breaking lights that work with the headlight on and off as well.
On the right side is the half-throttle. Since this is a single-speed bike,  the throttle is certainly required.  I believe this bike is designed to be used as a scooter. That means less pedaling is required.
Freego has incorporated, the throttle, a powerful motor, and a large battery just for that!

Freego DK200

Freego DK200 Specs

Frame: 6061# Aluminum Alloy
Hub motor: 750W high-speed
Battery: 48V 20Ah – Lithium battery
Display: YL80C LCD
Fork: Front suspension only

Brakes: Mechanic/Hydraulic disc brake with motor inhibitors
Derailleur: Shimano Tourney 7 Speeds
Tires: Chao Yang 20″ x 4″ Fat Tyre
Power Assistance Level: 5 levels ( programable )
Suitable Height: 150cm-200cm max load 150kg

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The 43cm seat looks great but it isn’t really soft, but It is quite comfortable though.
When you’re ready, simply toggle the “on/off” power switch on the side of the battery, then press and hold the “M” button on the display for a few seconds. You are good to go.
Select the Pedal Assist mode you want and, accelerate using the throttle, or simply start pedaling to activate the motor.  The pedal assist reacts fast, with almost no delay stating the motor and it cuts off a little delay as you stop pedaling.

Let’s talk about the motor. Fregoo, sells it as a 1200-watt motor, but compared to my other e-bikes, I think this is the peaking value. I feel like I’m riding with a 750-watt motor. There is a good torque and the maximum speed after the speed limit is unlocked is around 50 km/h at level 5.
The motor isn’t the quietest I’ve seen and it can easily climb the city slopes.
The 48V 20Ah battery is removable so it can be unlocked, removed, and charged elsewhere, or charged while on the bike.
It takes 8 to 10 hours to charge and gives a range of about 65 kilometers on a single charge. To be honest, riding all the way at level 5 reduces the range to about 30/35 km. Of course, the range depends on the driver’s weight, size, and riding style.

Sure, you can ride this bike home when the battery dies, but let’s face it, riding without power isn’t great. The frame design and one-speed make cycling very uncomfortable.
The bike weighs around 27 kg and this amazing retro moped-style bike is not suitable for long-distance pedaling. Additional batteries can be purchased from Freego’s website.
I’ve seen people complain about their batteries dropping out while riding their bikes. To avoid this, insert the batteries correctly.
Push it in until it clicks and locks the battery with the included key. That is it!

Freego-DK200 - Detials

The front suspension has no adjustment options and is too soft for my standards. I would love to have more resistance here. It bumps and jumps a lot!
The seat and handlebars cannot be adjusted in terms of height but the handlebars can be tilted back and forth.
Despite being a new e-bike, the DK200 does not offer app control or external connectivity. The DK200 comes with a convenient phone holder and a small bell as a gift.
The steel frame is sturdy and the welds on this unit are well done. I hope Freego will improve this bike in the future. For example, offering aluminum frames, better hand grips, and even makes it a 7-speed bike.
There are links for the American and European websites in the description below. It sells for €1,399 and $1,399 at the time of recording this video.

The bike comes with a 2-year warranty. Shipping to the EU and US is fast and free. If your bicycle needs repair, Freego will provide the defective part during the warranty period.
As always on this channel, You pay less for a new bike! Use code BK42FREEGO to save $100 on Freego DK200 .

The Freego DK200 comes in a sturdy box and is easy to assemble. Watch the unboxing and assembly video here.

48V 20AH
engwe ep-2 pro
Brushless Motor
Fat Tires
50km/h Max
5 Riding Modes

I received the bike without any damages or scratches, but there was a minor problem with the hydraulic brake. There was air in the line and I had to fix it. It is a simple fix, shown on their tutorials, but I’ve never had an e-bike sent to me like that before, where I’ve needed to do that kind of prep work the problem is a lot of people won’t make it on their own.
I hope Freego listens to me and improves their quality control as well.

Personally, I think it’s worth the money. So if you’re in the market for a new electric bike, you should also consider the Freego DK200. I honestly recommend this bike to anyone looking for a budget moped-style e-bike. Not a perfect e-bike, but a very good option considering the price!
Before I end this video, I would like to share a PROS and CONS table.

  • Solid frame construction
  • Performance
  • Removable 20Ah batteries
  • Fat tires 20×4
  • Cable management
  • Bright headlight
  • Twist throttle works well
  • Automatic braking lights
  • Solid plastic fenders
  • Lockout dropout rings
  • Easy to assembly
  • Great customer care
  • Front suspension fork
  • Front mechanical brake
  • Steel frame
  • Single Speed
  • Headlight mount flimsy


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Freego DK200 - Pictures

Freego-DK200 - Motor
Freego-DK200 - Motor
Freego-DK200 - Battery
Freego-DK200 - Battery
Freego-DK200 - Light
Freego-DK200 - Light
Freego-DK200 - Display
Freego-DK200 - Display

Essential accessories for this bike: