Freego DK200 - Review 1200W 48V Moped-Style Electric Bike Today I want to present the Freego DK200 e-bike. Another cool moped-style bike. This is a 1200 watts electric bicycle with a large 48v 20ah battery. Very similar to the Super 73 bike. It's marketed as a 1200-watt motor, but it actually peaks at 1200 watts. [...]
By BK42 Merch Blogon November 30, 2022
Azule Iretta-2 E-Bike Review 250W 48V Moped-Style electric bike Hello everyone here is BK42 and welcome back to another e-bike review. Today I want to show you the 2022 Iretta-2, which is Azule Bikes newest electric bike. The Iretta-2 is sold in blue and black, this is the 250W EU legal version, but you can also [...]
By BK42 Merch Blogon July 10, 2022
Azule Iretta-2 E-Bike Assembly 250W 48V Moped-Style retro electric bike Today we’ll unbox and set up the new Azule Iretta-2 electric bike. Open the box, and you'll see the bike itself and a small box containing the charger, pedals, and all the tools you need. The easiest way to remove the bike is to open [...]
By BK42 Merch Blogon June 8, 2022