Azule Iretta-2 Setup

Azule Iretta-2 E-Bike Assembly

250W 48V Moped-Style retro electric bike

Today we’ll unbox and set up the new Azule Iretta-2 electric bike.
Open the box, and you’ll see the bike itself and a small box containing the charger, pedals, and all the tools you need.
The easiest way to remove the bike is to open the cardboard side panel.
This version comes with all accessories and must be removed and set aside.

Carefully undo the cable ties
The “Iretta” comes very well protected, remove all the plastic covers.

azule iretta 2

Azule Iretta-2 Specs

Frame: 6061# Aluminum Alloy – Folding Fatbike
Hub motor: 750W high-speed
Battery: 48V 12.8AH – Lithium battery
Display: YL80C LCD
Fork: Front suspension only

Brakes: Mechanical disc brake with motor inhibitors
Derailleur: Shimano Tourney 7 Speeds
Tires: Chao Yang 20″ x 4″ Fat Tyre
Power Assistance Level: 5 levels ( programable )
Suitable Height: 150cm-200cm max load 150kg

azule iretta 2 fig1

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azule iretta 2 bk42 f2

Remove the top cover using the 6mm Hex wrench, place the handlebars, and then reinstall the top cover and the four screws.
Tighten the 4 screws a little.
Make sure the handlebar is in the center, then tighten the screws using the 6mm hex as shown.

azule iretta 2 bk42 f1

Assemble the front wheel
First, remove the plastic cover from the front wheel and also remove the two-axle nuts.
Remove the plastic insert from the caliper.
Attach the wheel to the fork and keep the disc brake aligned with the caliper.
Tighten firmly the axle nuts with the wrench no.15 to complete the front wheel assembly.

azule iretta 2 bk42 f3

Assemble Pedals
Place the left pedal, make sure to have the one marked with the letter “L” on it.
Screw it counterclockwise onto the crank by hand.
Then tighten firmly using the No.15 wrench

The right pedal has the letter “R” on it and is screwed on clockwise
And again tighten firmly using the No.15 wrench

48V 14.5AH
LG Battery
engwe ep-2 pro
Brushless Motor
20×4 1/4
Fat Tires
30km/h Max
5 Riding Modes
azule iretta 2 bk42 f4

Front Light and fenders
Place the headlights on the mudguard mounting arm and then on the fork.
Secure with the # 10 wrench and the 4mm hex. Connect the cable. that’s it.
To attach the rear mudguard, use the 4mm Hex to secure both arms to the frame.
Remember to place the third screw in the bottom corner of the mudguard.

azule iretta 2 bk42 f5

Assemble the rear rack and footrests
The bike is almost complete! Place the rear rack and secure it with the 4mm Hex wrench as shown.
Secure the footrests with the same Hex wrench.

Before riding the Azule, you need to inflate the tires.
To turn the bike “on”, first, turn on the battery ON/OFF switch.
Press and hold the ON/OFF button on the control pad, you will feel a slight vibration and the LCD will light up. That’s it! The bike is ready!
Enjoy the new Azule Iretta-2 moped-style e-bike.

Azule Iretta-2 - VIDEO REVIEW

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Azule Iretta-2 - Pictures

Azule Iretta-2 Front Wheel
Azule Iretta-2 Front Wheel
Azule Iretta-2 in the box
Azule Iretta-2 in the box
Azule Iretta-2 Rear rack
Azule Iretta-2 Rear rack
Azule Iretta-2 Headlight
Azule Iretta-2 Headlight

Essential accessories for this bike: