How To Buy Your First E-Bike

How To Buy Your First E-Bike

Johnny Nerd-Out | Ebike Buyer’s Tips

Interested in buying an electric bike, but don’t know what are the more important parts like motor, battery, frame, etc? In this series of videos, I will invite a couple of e-bike experts to help with your first electric bike purchase decision.
In this first video, Johnny Nerd-Out, a well-known E-bike converter talks about his preferences, and favorite e-bike parts, and will advise us on how to find the right electric bicycle. Johnny Ner-Out Channel:

How to buy your first e-bike | Video

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  1. Aug 22 2022 at 4:48 PM

    I have a Gary Fisher mountain bike all aluminum and some magnesium, I have a 1000watt bafang motor, I wanted to ask you about the front sproket how large should I go to still pedal normal and go as fast as I can.

    1. Aug 22 2022 at 8:17 PM

      Hi Greg, are we talking about a 1kw Baffang hub or mid-drive?
      That’s a difficult question because it is also related to your riding style. If you want speed I would go over 38T, I got a 44t on my MTB and I am happy with that. On my second bike, I got a 48T and it gets quite heavy sometimes.
      Thanks for your message 😉