Assembling the Kakuka K70

KAKUKA K70 Assembly

How to assemble the new 700C 250W Chainless Road E-Bike

How to unbox and assemble the new KAKUKA K70 step-by-step.
A 700C wheel road e-bike with 250W motor and 32 km/h top speed.

Open the box, you’ll see the bike itself and a small box with the charger, pedals, user manual, and tools inside.
Take the bike out of the box and undo the cable ties;
Detach the front wheel from the bike frame and set it aside;
Kakuka kindly provides all the tools we need. We’ll use:

A wrench number 15 an 5mm Hex and a screwdriver

kakuka k70 tools

Step 1

accolmile 700c wheels

Assemble the front wheel


Let’s start by removing the dummy axle;
Remove the plastic covers from the front wheel, and also remove the two-axle nuts;
The brake disk should be aligned with the brake calliper;
Attach the front wheel to the fork;
Tighten the axle nut to complete the front wheel assembly.

kakuka k70 2
kakuka k70 2
kakuka k70 1
kakuka k70 1
kakuka k70 handlebar

Set up the handlebar


Loosen the top screw, remove the plastic spacer, place the handlebar, then insert the top screw and tighten slightly;
Tighten the side bolts a little and then align the wheel with the frame;
Use the 5mm hex wrench to tighten the three bolts that secure the handlebar.
You can adjust the height of the handlebar by removing the spacer rings.

kakuka k70 4
kakuka k70 4
kakuka k70 31
kakuka k70 31

Step 3

kakuka k70 pedals

Assemble the pedals


Place the left pedal, make sure to have the one marked with the letter “L” on it;
Screw it counterclockwise onto the crank by hand;
Then tighten firmly using the No.15 wrench;
The right pedal has the letter “R” on it and is crewed clockwise;
Then tighten firmly using the No.15 wrench.

kakuka k70 5
kakuka k70 5
kakuka k70 6
kakuka k70 6

Step 4

kakuka k70 saddle

Assemble the saddle


Unfold the saddle fastener. Insert the reflector mount into the tube;
Secure the reflector with the screwdriver;
Attach the reflector and arrange the saddle according to your height;
Fold back and tighten the saddle fastener.


kakuka k70 8
kakuka k70 8
kakuka k70 7
kakuka k70 7

Step 5

kakuka k70 banner

Turning the bike On


Press and hold the “ON” button for 1 second ;
The integrated display lights up and the motor works at all pedal-assist levels;
Before using the bike, you need to inflate the tires;
That’s all for today. Enjoy the new Kakuka K70 road bike.

kakuka k70 motor
kakuka k70 motor
kakuka k70 belt
kakuka k70 belt
kakuka k70 handlebar
kakuka k70 handlebar
kakuka k70 saddle
kakuka k70 saddle

KAKUKA K70 - Assembling Video

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KAKUKA K70 - Specs

Motor: Rear XOFO motor 250W, 50N.m
Battery:36V 7.5AH
Charger: 2A
Charging time: 4h
Riding Range: 40KM -70KM
Riding Models: Pedal Assist

Loading: 120KG
Bike Weight: 17.8KG
Color: Black, Gray
Controller: 36V 250W
Frame: Aluminium Alloy
Tire: CST 700C*32C
Light: Front

Front Fork: No suspension
Brakes: Front & rear mechanical disc brakes
Saddle: Racing Saddle
Belt Drive: Reinforced with Carbon
Power assistance level: 5 levels
Suitable height: 5’6″ to 6’5″

KAKUKA K70 Road E-Bike


Essential accessories for this bike: