Kakuka K70 700C Electric Flat Bar Road Bike

Affordable Chainless E-Bike

Today we’re reviewing the new Kakuka K70 electric road bike.
It has 700C wheels, and a 250W hub motor, and it does have a 36V – 7.5 Ah battery.
Kakuka claims to be able to provide a range of about 70km in pedal-assist mode.

Equipped with a carbon-reinforced belt drive, there are no chains or gears, which means a maintenance-free, smooth ride, and long life.
One of the most striking features is the integrated screen. This is part of the handlebar, which is bright and very cool.
On the left is the simple control pad that controls all computer functions, but not the headlights.
By the way, the headlights are not integrated into the battery system, they use an external battery and are powered by the top button.
Press up or down to switch between the five levels of pedal assist.
Keep pressing down to activate the “Push” mode.

Kakuka K70

KAKUKA K70 Specs

Frame: 6061# Aluminum Alloy – Folding Fatbike
Hub motor: 750W high-speed
Battery: 48V 12.8AH – Lithium battery
Display: YL80C LCD
Fork: Front suspension only

Brakes: Mechanical disc brake with motor inhibitors
Derailleur: Shimano Tourney 7 Speeds
Tires: Chao Yang 20″ x 4″ Fat Tyre
Power Assistance Level: 5 levels ( programable )
Suitable Height: 150cm-200cm max load 150kg

KAKUKA K70 Electric Bike

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The throttle can be used at all five levels of pedal assist to help start the bike and achieve a top speed of 32 km/h.
You don’t even need to pedal, you can just cruise along. Of course, the battery drains much faster.
There is a speed sensor that detects when you are pedaling and it works really well.
Large aluminum pedals are not branded and have held up very well so far.

The rear hub is equipped with a 36V, 250W XOFO motor. You can quickly enable or disable the throttle by pressing the right button next to the throttle.
There are five levels of pedal assistance. From a little help to doing almost all the work for you. Each level provides more support and gradually speeds up.
Using the throttle will accelerate to the maximum speed at any P.A. level.

It comes with a mechanical disc brake. Two 160mm discs and a cutoff sensor on the lever for safety.
I usually like hydraulic brakes, but to be honest, this does a great job of stopping the bike.
However, they are a little noisy.

kakuka k70 specs

The horseshoe-shaped double-sided kickstand is great. It’s very strong and lifts the bike very well. It doesn’t rattle when you’re riding.
In fact, this bike is very quiet and doesn’t rattle at all!
The CST 700 x 32C road tires are great and have little rolling resistance. For the safety of the night riders, there are reflective strips around the side panels.

There is a plastic cover in front of the frame that allows the battery to be repaired or replaced as needed.
The battery is hidden in the frame and cannot be easily removed, but it can be replaced if necessary.
The charging port is protected by a plastic flap and the charging time is about 4 hours.
At first glance, it looks like a regular bike, thanks to the integrated screen and cables that run inside the frame.
The saddle and grip are not genuine leather, but they are comfortable and look great.

It’s great to ride this bike! It’s comfortable, quiet, and pretty fast. After reaching the top speed, are on your own, without motor support.
The geometry of the aluminum alloy frame is ideal for riders from 167 to 199 cm. The maximum load is 120 kg and the weight of the bicycle is only 17.8 kg.

kakuka screen
36V 7.5AH
engwe ep-2 pro
250 W
Brushless Motor
CST 700C*32C
Fat Tires
32km/h Max
5 Riding Modes

A very discrete e-bike. Perfect for daily commuting and easy to carry when you need it.
There is a reflector, but no tail lights, bells, or fenders.

You can easily add accessories to this bike just like a regular bike.
I would like to see a 7-speed version of this bike in the future.
The 250W motor is great, I have no problems climbing the hills.

As for the range, I’ve made 48.5 km on a single charge. I rode uphill three times with a lot of motor support. Perhaps in a more conservative riding style, it will approach the promised 70km range.
If the battery runs out, you can easily ride this bike without a power supply.
This is one of the quietest and most comfortable bikes I’ve tested, but it’s not made for off-road riding.
Assembling this bike is easy. It arrives almost ready for use.
You can see a step-by-step tutorial here.

The Kakuka K70 was sold for only $1099 when I was shooting this video.
There aren’t many road bikes of this quality in this price range.
This is an excellent electric bike. It looks like a premium bike and is very easy to handle.


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kakuka size chart

KAKUKA K7 - Pictures

kakuka k70 f1
kakuka k70 f1
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kakuka k70 f2
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kakuka k70 f3
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kakuka k70 f4

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