Ahooga Modular

Ahooga Modular E-Bike: The 3-in-1 Commuter, Cargo, and Kid-Hauler!

250W 36V cargo bicycle

The Ahooga Modular isn’t your average e-bike. It’s a triple threat! This bike can transform to fit your needs:

  • City Cruiser: Perfect for zipping through urban streets.
  • Light Cargo Bike: Haul groceries or other goods with ease.
  • Kid Carrier: Take your little ones on safe and fun adventures.
Ahooga Modular
Unboxing: Not Your Average Experience

The Ahooga Modular arrives in a large box, so be prepared! Thankfully, it comes almost ready to assemble.
Inside, you’ll find all the essentials: pedals, battery charger, user manual, battery keys, and even a USB cable. Ahooga has you covered!

The bike itself is surprisingly lightweight, despite the box size. Forget complex assembly guides – this beauty comes ready to roll with just a few adjustments.
Simply attach the handlebar and pedals, and you’re good to go!

As mentioned, assembly is a breeze. The bike is meticulously protected during shipping, and all you need to do is remove the protective packaging and make minor adjustments.
Attach the handlebar with the quick-release stem, screw in the pedals, and you’re ready to hit the road!

Ahooga Modular
Ahooga Modular Battery
Testing: A Joyride Awaits

Hopping on the Ahooga Modular is a joy. Despite the racks, its lightweight design makes for easy maneuvering and a smooth ride.
The 250W Aikema motor is surprisingly quiet yet packs a punch with 60 Nm of torque – perfect for your commute or hauling cargo.

EU Regulations and Beyond

The Ahooga Modular is built to follow EU regulations. This means no throttle and a 25 km/h speed limit with the motor.
However, with pedal assist, you can zip along at around 33 km/h. When not using the motor, it feels just like a regular city bike.
Plus, the 8-speed SRAM X4 gears offer smooth and precise shifting.

Ahooga Modular Cargo


Rider Height: 150 – 190cm.
Weight: 20kg without racks.
Frame: Aluminum 6061.
Wheels: Aluminum 26″. 36 spokes, alloy hub.
Tires: All seasons, multi-tracks, Schwalbe Big Apple.
Gears: RAM X4. 8 Speed.
Cassette: Reinforced tooth profile. 11-36 teeth.
Chainring: 42 teeth. With chain guard.
Brakes: Shimano BL-M396L hydraulic disc brakes (rotor 160 mm).
Pedals: Strong anti theft, clip-off pedals..
Handlebar: City handlebar. Rapid Twist Stem.
Saddle: Selle Royal Scientia R3. (Relaxed, large).

Lights: Spanning Arco lights. 80/30 lumens
Max Weight Limit: 145 kg
Battery type: Li-Ion. 400Wh. Samsung cells.
Battery range: Up to 70+km of assisted ride.
Motor: Aikema 250W motor. Torque: 60Nm.
Display: IPS.
Charging time: 3h00.
Assist speed: 25km/h
Certification: ISO4210 and EN 15194 compliant

Ahooga Modular Seat
Ahooga Modular Kickstand
Customizable Power and Range

Choose from five pedal assist levels to find your perfect power balance. Remember, you still need to pedal to activate the motor, giving you a workout with a boost.
The high-quality 36V, 400Wh Samsung battery offers impressive range.
In my tests, I reached 64km on a single charge on level four assist (though range may vary depending on factors like weight and riding style).

Hydraulic Brakes and a User-Friendly Display

The Shimano hydraulic brakes provide excellent stopping power without noise.
While the bike lacks motor cut-off sensors during braking (a point for improvement!), the LCD display is vibrant and user-friendly.
It shows power assist level, speed, mileage, battery level, and more, all easily readable even in bright sunlight.

Ahooga Modular Sizes
Ahooga Modular Display
36V 11.11Ah
Samsung Battery
engwe ep-2 pro
Aikema motor
All-terrain Tires
25Km/h Max
5 Riding Modes
Comfort, Quality, and Style

The handlebar is lightweight and comfortable, and the Selle Royal Scientia M2 saddle provides a pleasant ride.
The paint job is stunning, and all components are top-notch brands. Even the 26″ Schwalbe tires are German-made!

The Ahooga Modular boasts a sturdy frame suitable for riders between 160cm and 200cm.
Taller riders? Ahooga offers an optional Heads Up stem for additional adjustability. The welds are expertly crafted for strength and durability, with no messy cables to ruin the clean aesthetics.

Ahooga Modular Lights
Ahooga Modular Logo
Two Models, One Frame Size

The Ahooga Modular comes in two models: Low Step and Unisex. Both share the same frame size, allowing you to choose the style that suits you best.
While it lacks suspension, the overall design and quality ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Front and Rear Lights: A Minor Caveat

The bike comes with front and rear lights, but they’re USB rechargeable and not connected to the main battery.
While they’re high-quality, I would prefer integrated lights for convenience.

Cargo King

Let’s talk cargo capacity! The rear rack can handle a whopping 50kg, while the front rack takes 20kg.
Combined, that’s 70kg of potential groceries, gear, or even your little ones!

Performance Review: A Reliable All-Rounder

My tests focused on the motor, battery, comfort, and practicality. The motor offered strong assistance with a minor stopping issue.
The battery impressed with its long range. Despite the lack of suspension, the lightweight frame, comfortable saddle, and quality tires made for a smooth ride. Overall

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Ahooga Modular Review

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