In this video, I’m going to show how to build this springer forks in a Davidson style. Do you want to know how to build the custom forks expending less than $170? Find out how to design, build and test on my new video! Additionally, inspire yourself to build a functional bicycle springer forks. I [...]
By BK42on March 24, 2019
A bike is easy to work on, fun to customize, and even more fun to ride around. So why not build your own bike that is just like you want it? A unique model! Building a bike will increase your knowledge of the industry, it will increase your knowledge of the mechanics of bicycles, and [...]
By BK42on March 23, 2019
Add new handlebars, customize a motorcycle headlamp, add two view-back mirrors and add a boat hope. Don’t forget the fire extinguisher in the case your hot bike is on fire! The Felt Bandit is solid and beautiful, well made and widely used as the base for custom bikes projects. With not much work and a [...]
By BK42on March 21, 2019
A DOPE and cheap side stand adapter (aka kickstand). Do it yourself at home! Heavy bicycles and custom bikes usually need special side stands. In this video, you will find a very simple solution to block the side stand in place and avoid falls. A kickstand is a device on a bicycle or motorcycle that [...]
By BK42on February 15, 2018