Custom Chopper Bike Build with Recycled Parts

Our First Custom Chopper Bike Build with Recycled Parts

We built a Monster Custom Chopper Bike Build with Recycled Parts of two old bikes.
With a 29″ wheel in front and a FAT TIRE 24″ x 4″ in the back this bike is very unique!
The frame was built without any bending machines and exclusively with square tubes.

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We used parts of two unused bikes, one 29 “rim and the other 24″ rim in the first stage of assembly.
With the frame ready, the rear wheel was replaced by 26″ x 4”. The front wheel was replaced by a 29″ rim.
The bike was painted black. In the second phase, the rear and front lights were fitted, then painted white and the wheels fluorescent painted.
After a couple of months using the bike, and with our workshop ready, we took the bike for a complete overhaul.
The headlight and molded rear LED lights, with internal cable installation, were implemented. The bike was then painted white.

Custom Chopper Bike-Build
Custom Chopper Bike-Build
Custom Chopper Bike-Build

Building your own bike at home without a lot of tools or machinery isn’t a simple task, but as you can see in this video, we can do it with a bit of creativity and some old bikes.
We used parts of our old bikes as donors for the first assembly.

Since we didn’t have any pipe bending machines, the bike frame was designed with sharp angles, no bent sessions and square tubes. The frame alignment was done under a train track and with laser pointers.

After a few months of use, we were able to set up our workshop and buy some basic machinery. Then we decided to reform the bike.
All welds were redone. A new seat adjustment track was created and a system of internal cables was also implemented to control the rear and front lights.

The bike received a new color, new paint in bright white. The wheels were painted with fluorescent orange spray.
The bike is pretty big, a little heavy, but very comfortable and fun to ride. It draws attention everywhere it goes.
It was made with parts from other bicycles by recycling their parts. The investment was really low and the result as seen in the video is fantastic!


Custom Chopper Bike-Build
Custom Chopper Bike Build
Custom Chopper Bike Build
Custom Chopper Bike Build

Products used in this project:

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