Accolmile MTB 1Kw E-Bike

Affordable MTB 1kW Mid Drive

Accolmile – BAFANG Motor – 1Kw RETIRED 750w Available

You won’t use your car anymore after getting this amazing on-a-budget Electric Mountain Bike.
A full review and details of the new Accolmile with the BAFANG 1000 Watts, 48V E-bike.
As usual, you will find a great promo code with free gadgets for your bike in this video.

Affordable Mountain Bike 1kw Mid Drive Bafang Motor 2
Affordable Mountain Bike 1kw Mid Drive Bafang Motor 1

This is the new Accomile mid-drive Mountain bike. With these huge fat wheels, the bike looks amazing.
From the pictures, it’s really hard to see how big this bike really is. It’s really a full-suspension FAT BIKE.
The rear shock is simple, with no adjustments such as rebound controls or locker pin. It’s pretty stiff. It can be easily upgraded according to your riding style.

The motor is the BAFANG BBSHD 10000 Watts integrated inside the frame.
The motor is very strong and the torque is amazing.

Nine speeds with Shimano Autus means a lot more torque at the low end and still get high speed at the top end. This is not an entry-level derailleur and shifting gears is fast and precise. Shifting gears is quite loud, I guess it’s caused by the frame design, but that’s nothing to worry about.

The “JAK” brakes are hydraulic with motor inhibitors, the front rotor is 180 mm and the rear 160 mm, good stopping power for a bike of this size and power.

The front fork is the durable and long-lasting “RST Guide” with lockout and preload adjustments.
It looks and performs really well. I’m really happy with the front suspension!

The wheels are huge! Fat tires! 26×4 is perfect for all terrains, including snow!
Fat tires are safer and a great shock absorber. A very good option to ride in the snow as well!

Let’s talk about the display! The bike comes with the new TFT LCD 860C display, very bright and easy to use.
I really like the current indicator, the brake indicator, and the USB charging port. We never know when we’ll need an extra charge for our cameras:)

The integrated headlight is controlled by a display light sensor, turning the light ON and OFF automatically. There is no light switching button, but it can be turned ON/OFF by pressing the “plus” button for a second.

Affordable Mtb 1kw Mid Drive Parts

There are nine levels of pedal assist in the total but, It comes only with five from the factory. I will post a new video showing how it can be unlocked for the maximum speed.

The bike is also fitted with a throttle right here and you can just press that at any time and the motor will spin right up. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a gear shift sensor, it would make shifting gears even better. It’s not expensive and the installation is simple.
I’d recommend to my friends in Accomile to consider shipping new bikes with this sensor already installed.

The battery is 48 volt, 12.8 amp-hour with LG 18650 cells. The battery compartment is one of the coolest things about this bike. It looks clean and integrated into the frame.
Removing the battery is a bit of a trick, but once you learn how to do it, things will get a lot easier. And you have to learn it because there’s no way to recharge batteries inside the frame. You will need to extract the battery pack every recharging time. Integrated into the battery body is the cool ON/OFF energy control.
The key is used only to lock and unlock the battery compartment. It is not required to run the bike.

Turning the bike ON is pretty straightforward. Press the ON/OFF button in the battery pack, press and hold the ON button located in the handlebar controls for about a second.

The bike has a top speed of around 55km/h and a range of about 70km (pedaling).
The maximum speed will drop drastically as battery levels drain. Riding throttle only with the pedal assist level 9 will drain the battery quite quickly.
We cannot forget the powerful and thirsty 1000 watt motor.

Affordable Mtb 1kw Mid Drive Details

Cycling this bike without a power supply is easy and fun, as in any normal mountain bike. Top speed isn’t the most important thing in this bike, but the full suspension and high torque are very important for going down mountain biking style trails.

The kickstand is strong and keeps the bike standing really well.
Another thing I would consider replacing soon is this saddle. It looks good, it’s well made, but unfortunately, it’s too hard for me.
The handlebar is solid and fits all components very well on its 72 centimeters. By the way, it comes with a nice bell.
The bike is very well built, it’s solid and all the joints are neatly welded together.
This bike can be shipped from China, Europe Union, and the USA. No worries about the import process or extra taxes. Once you place the order, the bike will be on your door shortly.
Unboxing and assembling this bike is very simple, without any special tools or mechanical skills needed. You can watch me assembling this bike right here.

If you’re looking for an e-bike that’s capable on-road and can go super fast, but also has full suspension to go off-road. This can be the right bike for you. When I recorded this video, the bike cost $2189 dollars (with taxes included and delivery free for the EU, USA and Asia).

Accomile Bikes offers these bikes in blue, silver, gray, and white.
All e-bikes are covered with a two-year warranty.

Accolmile 1Kw MTB Video Review

750W Mid-Drive MTB E-BIKE


Specifications & Performance

Motor: BAFANG 48V*1000W BBSHD Mid Drive Motor
Battery: 48V 12.8Ah LG 3200mah 18650 Cells
Charger: 48V 2A
Max Speed: 65KM/H
Max Loading: 180KG
Display: 860C colorful
Riding Range: 40KM( without pedal assisting); 70KM ( with pedal assisting)
Color: Black, White, Silver, Gary, Blue
Power assistance level: 9 levels (The display default set 5 levels)

Suitable height: 168CM-200CM adult
Frame: 26″*425MM, 6061 Alloy
Chainwheel: 44T
Front Fork: XCM 26 Suspension fork
Tire: CST 26*4
Flywheel: SHIMANO CS-HG201-9, 9-SPEED 11-32T
Rear dial: SHIMANO RD-M370 9-speed
Finger dial: SHIMANO SL-M3000-R 9-speed
Shock absorber: KSP261 24*54*165L*1200P

Brakes: JAK front& rear hydraulic disc oil brakes
Seatpost Promax 300MM, black, aluminum
Saddle Velo Fat E-Bike Saddle
Handlebars 700MM, black, aluminum
Stem 60MM, black, aluminum
Chain: KMC HG73B 9S
Cylindrical Bearing Hub: 9S AL 13G*36H*142MM
Seat Post: 30.9MM*300MM
Bike Weight: 34.85KG
Packaging Weight: 39KG
Packaging Size: 162 x 26 x 82CM

Battery Specification

Normal Voltage: 48V
Battery capacity:
Battery Cell:
LG 3200mah 18650
Array mode:
Charge time:
Max Constant Discharge Current:
Peak current:

Charge voltage: 54.6V
Discharge cut off voltage:
Way of Charge:
Cycle Life:
1000 times
Charge Temperature:
Discharge Temperature:
Protection Function:
Overcharge, Over-discharge, Over-current, Short circuit, Balance

Affordable Mountain Bike 1kw Mid Drive Bafang Motor 3

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