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Varstrom Touch T1 – Ebike Display

Installation and functions walkthrough

Today we’re gonna do a little walkthrough of the new Varstrom Touch T1 e-bike display, this one will be a little more in-depth than I normally do, so we can go through all the functions and can really get a good idea of how the Vastrom display works.

To start, let’s turn the display ON, and press and hold the power button on the push pad, it takes a couple of seconds to launch.
By default it comes in Chinese and here is how we can change it.
Swipe down;
Select the first item on the top menu;
Select a language and click OK.
You can choose from English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Varstrom touch t1 - Display

On the same tab, you can switch from Metric to Imperial; display brightness; automatic shutdown time; and battery indicator.
Percentages are often misleading, so I prefer “Voltage“.
You can change the power indicator from “Power” to “Current” or simply turn it off.
Set the clock or add the device password in “Security” menu.
Temperature” seems to be a placeholder menu and doesn’t work on my device.

On the second tab, you can set or change the size of the wheels;
Select the appropriate battery voltage;
Enable or disable the USB port and change the sensitivity of the light sensor.
Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, don’t mess with the “Offset Voltage” values.

The third tab allows you to unlock the e-bike’s maximum speed and set the maximum speed as needed. A password is required to access this screen.
Set to 100001 and click “OK“. Speed ​​adjustment is the first menu and “Calories” seems to be another placeholder.

varstrom touch t1 specs
Varstrom touch T1 - Specs
Varstrom touch T1 - In the Box
Varstrom touch T1 - In the Box

“Maintenance mode” does not need to be explained, and “Gear number” can be set freely. I like to keep only 5 PA levels.
The riding mode is also up to you. “Sports” mode is much more responsive and aggressive but has shorter battery life. When sport mode is active, the indicator will change color to red.
The final menu is “Factory Restore“. I don’t think it will be used at this time.
The last tab shows all the detailed product information and battery status.
For those who like numbers and stats, swipe up twice to see a very detailed graph showing the current riding status such as average speed, maximum speed, and average energy consumption.

By default, it always starts at PA0.
The display shows the current time,  battery status, light status, speed, pedal assist level, distance traveled, and power.
If you want to change the support level, press the “Plus” and “Minus” buttons on the push pad.
Press and hold both buttons to reset the mileage.

Varstrom touch T1 Wheels settings

The light can be turned on and off with the “Plus” button. There is also a daylight sensor that automatically controls the lighting.
We’ll talk more about sensors later.

The touch display is very responsive and very intuitive.
This device is compatible with Bafang controllers and I think there are other connectors as well.

Installing the Varstrom display is easy.
First, turn off the battery and disconnect the display and the push pad connectors.
Then remove all the screws. You can now remove the display from your bike and replace it with the new one.
The Varstrom Touch comes with a variety of rubber spacers to fit all types of handlebars. 

Varstrom-Touch-T1 - Stats

Tighten the screws on the display and on the push pad.
Connect the wiring carefully according to each color.
All you have to do is organize the cables and the installation is complete.

Before finishing this video, I wanna share my thoughts on this display. The Varstrom Touch looks and feels good, but it has no advantages over a regular display other than being touchable.
The interaction between the Varstron Touch and some apps would be great.
I’m also concerned about the position of the day/night light sensor. It’s behind the display and when I’m out, a passing car can easily turn off the bike lights, which was very annoying.
Another thing I’m missing here is the ability to turn “Sports mode” on and off via the push pad.

For safety reasons, the touch function cannot be used while riding.

The Varstrom Touch T1 display is made of high-quality material.
You can see and feel the quality The push pad is all black and small. Navigation is easy and very responsive.

It comes with a USB C type that allows high-speed charging of external devices, and I think it can be used for future system upgrades.

Varstrom touch T1 - Touch LCD
Varstrom touch T1 - Touch LCD
Varstrom touch T1 - Specs
Varstrom touch T1 - Specs
Varstrom touch T1 - Light Sensor
Varstrom touch T1 - Light Sensor

Varstrom Touch T1 Specs

Voltage: 24V/36V/48V/52V
Holder (mm): 22.2/25.4/31.8
Walk: Long Press “-”
Headlight Power On: Long Press “+”

VARSTROM Touch T1 - Review

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Varstrom Touch T1 - Pictures

Varstrom Touch T1
Varstrom Touch T1
Varstrom Touch T1 - Box
Varstrom Touch T1 - Box
Varstrom Touch T1 - Installed
Varstrom Touch T1 - Installed
Varstrom Touch T1 - Test
Varstrom Touch T1 - Test

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