Maintenance of Folding E-Bikes

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Folding E-Bike maintenance made at Home!

Making the necessary Maintenance of Folding E-Bikes and bicycles is a very important factor to keep the moving parts functioning properly and prolong the life span of the bike. However, some parts may require specialized tools and mechanical knowledge. Changing tires, aligning wheels, adjusting gears and brakes, lubricating, changing pedals and some other adjustments can easily be done at home, even in small apartments like mine!

Many prefer not to risk it and end up taking their bikes to the bike shop. I prefer to try to learn the procedure and do it myself. Aside from saving a little bit, I always learn something new as shown in this video.
Initially, my intention would be just to reinstall the fenders as winter approaches. They should help a lot during snow rides. Installing the front fender is very simple and quick. Simply remove the headlight and secure the fender with the same headlight screw.
The rear fender is much more complicated. The rear wheel had to be removed.
To remove the rear wheel on an electric bike, some precautions are important to avoid damage and further problems.
We have to remove the battery to avoid short circuits, remove the display so that when we turn the bike it doesn’t break when touching the ground, and cut the cable holders zip ties.

When everything is ready, with an 18mm wrench we can then remove the axle nuts. Removing the rear brake also helps a lot when removing the wheel and especially later during reinstallation.
With the wheel loose, we have to make a little effort to eliminate the wheel, because the pressure in the frame is high. I always like such opportunities to clean up internal parts and difficult access points like brakes.
To fix the fender, just tighten two screws starting with the bottom one. It is important to tighten it up. Because afterward with the wheel in place it is very difficult to make any kind of adjustment here.

Once the fenders are installed, we can return the wheel to its original position. I prefer to do that with bike upsidedown. Once the axle is in place, we turn the bike over and put some pressure on the wheel while sitting on the bike.
Before the final tightening, check that the wheel is aligned and that the brake works properly. Now, just tighten the nuts, connect the motor cable, and install new zip ties to keep the cable in place.
Return the display and the battery. And it’s done! Now, just test if everything works well.
As we can see, it’s not that complicated and doesn’t require special tools or deep skills.

Folding E-Bike Video

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Maintenance of a Folding E-Bike
Maintenance of a Folding E-Bike
Maintenance of a Folding E-Bike
Maintenance of a Folding E-Bike

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