DYU D3F 14″ – Review

250W, 10Ah Folding Electric Bike

Today I want to show you the DYU D3F, which is an affordable 14-inch electric bike.
DYU sent this to me to review for you, and I assure you that I did ride it around for a few weeks and I do have some honest feedback.

The D3F is simple to operate. There are no shifters, cassettes, or derailleurs as it’s a single-speed bike.
This simplicity is great, but I have more gears that would improve the ride experience and the range.
This mini bike weighs only 17kg and the portability is another great plus for DYU.
The handlebars and pedals are foldable and the saddle can be removed to make the bike smaller. This bike can be stored almost anywhere!
A small cutout section in the battery housing allows you to grip the frame like a handle. This is great to move the bike up and down… I love it!!

The DYU D3F is suitable for riders from 150 to 186cm with a maximum payload of 120 kg. Even being such a small bike, I can seat comfortably on it.
There is plenty of space between my knees and the handlebars.
Let’s run down the operating buttons. The left-hand grip has the power on/off button and a sweet little bell. The right-hand grip is where the battery indicator, the cruise control, and the headlight on/off button are located.
The full-size twist grip throttle is also there. Just like in a motorcycle.
The cruise control is a blast! It can be started at any speed with a single button press.
Deactivate using the brake levers.

dyu d3f bk42

DYU D3F Specs

Motor specification: 36V/250W
Battery capacity: 36V/10Ah
Is the battery removable: No
Charger voltage: 42V/1.5A
Charging port: DC2.1

Charging time: 5-6 hours
Tires: 14-inch pneumatic nylon tires, wear-resistant
Controller: 36V/14-inch motor
Display: None
Brakes: Front and rear double mechanical disk brakes

dyu d3f features

Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to turn on the headlights. Of course, holding it down will turn it off. Remind that the headlight is mounted to the frame and not the fork, so the headlight does not turn to match the steering direction.
There is a little taillight, battery operated. I got a rear light on my bike needing a new battery.
No big deal, but it could also be integrated into the main battery.
The DYU D3F comes in 14-inch tires, 250-watt hub motor, 36V 10Ah battery and it is just a bit bigger than a usual scooter.

Setting up this bike is very easy as you can see in this video here and the battery arrives almost fully charged.
Speaking of the batteries, it takes about five to six hours to fully charge the battery.
The battery is not removable and must be charged using this small charging port here.
The range is about 37km in pedal assist mode. Not bad for such a small battery!
The maximum speed is 21km/h. It should be around 25km/h, but my bike doesn’t run that fast. Maybe it’s somehow speed-limited.

Buy the DYU D3F here:

36V 10AH
engwe ep-2 pro
250 W
14″ Tires
Max Speed

There are no LCD displays, so reprogramming the bike settings isn’t easy, as well there is no speed and millage display. But this bike is meant to be simple and affordable, so that’s fine.
In the rear wheel is the 250-watt motor, legal according to EU regulations. It definitely helps in climbing hills. By the way, the maximum climbing angle is 15 degrees.
The brakes are good. They are mechanical brakes with 160 mil rotors and they stop the bike shortly when used.
There are motor inhibitors that cut the engine power as soon the brakes are used. Left is the rear brake, and right is the front brake.

The design of the D3F is very unique. The frame shape, the matte black, and the red details make it a great design. The aluminum frame is sturdy and the wires running into the frame give it a very special touch.
Riding the D3F is pretty comfortable, but cycling isn’t so when the battery dies. The handgrips are ok and the handlebar is stable.
There is no front or rear suspension and it comes with front and rear plastic fenders and the taillight included.
The little kickstand is also strong and holds the bike very well.
There’s a noise coming from the battery case, so I’ll have to open it up to see what’s going on, but that’s for another video.

Do I recommend this bike? Yes, I do! For those looking for an entry-level electric bike, or trying to spend about $500 on a portable electric bike. The D3F is a great commuter bike, but it can also be a great bike for the elderly. Easy to assemble and even easier to use.

If this is the right bike for you, I will add an affiliate link below.
That’s it for today, so please comment below and let me know what you think about this bike.
Stay tuned, lots to come!

DYU D3F - Video Review

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DYU D3F - Pictures

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dyu d3f fig5
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dyu d3f fig4
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dyu d3f fig3
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dyu d3f fig2

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