How to Unlock TFT E-BIKE Maximum Speed

5 Steps to unlock TFT Displays maximum speed

All Accolmile Mountain Bikes are sold equipped with the TFT LCD 860C (BAFANG HMI) displays with 9 support modes.

The 860C display is the newest display for Bafang mid-drive motors. It has exceptional contrast in bright sunlight for a color display, it comes with 5 P.A. levels locked from the factory.
Unlocking the 9 levels is very easy as you can see in the 5 steps or in the video below.
Unlocking the pedal assistant levels will let your bike use more power and reach higher speeds.

Display Information

  • Current Speed
  • Maximum Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Current Watts
  • Assist level
  • Brake on
  • Night mode (headlight on)
  • Duration Single Trip
  • Distance Single Trip
  • Total Distance
  • Reset Duration S.T.
  • Reset Distance S.T.
  • Battery Level
  • Battery Volts
  • 52v support
  • communication error

5 Steps

Step 1

With the display active, press two times the “Memory” button to access the Main Menu

Step 2

In the menu window, scroll down to “Basic Setting“, press “M” to select this option

Step 3

In “Basic Setting“, navigate to “Advanced Setting“, and press “M”

Step 4

Select the “Input Password“, press “M“, enter 1919 or 0512 and “M” key again

Step 5

Select the second option “Assist level” hit the “M” and with the “+” key change the levels to 9 and press again. “M

Scroll down and select “EXIT“, press for the last time the key “M


  • Screen: TFT
  • Display Type: Dot Matrix LCD
  • Nominal Voltage: 24/36/48/60V
  • Support Modes: 0-3/0-5/0-6/0-9
  • Communication: UART
  • Dimensions: 63/96/6mm
  • Handlebar diameter: ø22.2/25.4/31.8mm

Tests& Certifications

  • IP-Code: IP65
  • Certifications: CE/EN15194 Rohs
The BAFANG HMI with a high-contrast LCD display delivers all important information at a glance and can also be read in direct sunlight without difficulty. The BAFANG handlebar controller gives good feedback, is extremely robust, and easy to use.
Automatic control of light headlights: automatically turn on/off the instrument backlit and headlights when external light changes. Two riding modes: ECO (energy saving), SPORT.
The additional output can be individually controlled by five support levels. The user interface is clearly legible and intuitive to use. The HMI is compatible with the Bus system RS 232.
Intelligent display: including riding motor output power W, output current A, remaining mileage RANGE, energy consumption CALORIES. Protected against contact and ingress of water and dirt and complies with protection class IP 65.
The display only fit for the BAFANG motor which has UART protocol
Unlock Tft Displays
Unlock Tft Displays

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