ENGWE X24 Electric Bike Review: Power, Performance, and Versatility

1000W 48V Folding E-Bike

Today, we’re going to delve into the world of electric bikes with our review of the brand-new ENGWE X24 e-bike.
As an avid cyclist and an owner of multiple ENGWE bicycles, I’m excited to share my experiences and thoughts on this latest release.

ENGWE X24 Electric Bike

Design and Frame
The first thing that catches your eye is the bike’s sleek aluminum frame.
The welds are seamlessly integrated, creating a clean and elegant look. The “X” shape formed by the rear suspension adds to the bike’s overall aesthetic.

Folding Capability
While the X24 is foldable for ease of transport, it doesn’t become ultra-compact. Nonetheless, it remains convenient for car transportation.

Suspension System
Let’s talk about the bike’s suspension system. The ENGWE X24 boasts an impressive triple rear suspension setup, featuring two motorcycle-style air shocks in the back and a central bicycle-style oil damper.
While these rear shocks contribute to the bike’s aggressive appearance, they can be a bit stiff, even at the minimum resistance setting.
The front suspension, on the other hand, is highly adjustable, with options for preloading and locking/unlocking.
With approximately 8 centimeters of travel, it provides a comfortable and stable ride, especially when combined with the fat tires.

ENGWE X24 Battery 1
ENGWE X24 Battery 2

Dual Batteries for Extended Range
One of the standout features of the X24 is its dual-battery system. It includes a 48V, 19.2Ah battery inside the seat post and another 48V, 10Ah battery within the frame, totaling an impressive 29.2Ah.
During testing, I covered an astounding 122 kilometers on a single charge, primarily using pedal assist levels 3 and 4.
Switching to ECO mode and adding pedal power could extend your range even further.

Battery Management
You have the flexibility to ride with both batteries active or just one. The display shows the combined total of both batteries when they are in use.
Charging the batteries is straightforward, either through the ports or by removing them for charging.
Removing the central battery is easy, involving folding the frame, unlocking it with the provided key, and sliding the battery out.
The second battery, though slightly more challenging to remove, can also be done with some effort.

ENGWE X24 X26 X20
ENGWE X24 X26 X20


Material:6061 aluminum alloy
Size:24 x 4.0 inches
Motor:48V 1200W(PEAK) 750W brushless motor
Battery 1: 48v 19.2ah Lithium-Ion Battery
Battery 2: 48v 10ah Lithium-Ion Battery
Torque: 70 N.m
Maximum Climbing degree: 30°
Brake: 180mm front & rear hydraulic disc brake
Transmission System: Shimano 8 Gears

ENGWE-X24 Motor
ENGWE-X24 Motor
ENGWE-X24 Motor
ENGWE-X24 Motor

Weight and Load Capacity
Weighing in at 42 kilograms, the X24 isn’t lightweight, making it easier to navigate with assistance, especially when dealing with stairs.
It boasts a remarkable maximum weight capacity of 150 kilograms.

Additional Features
The X24 includes a rear seat, but it may not be the most comfortable spot for a second passenger due to the lack of foot support. However, it can be removed and used as a gear rack.

Powerful Motor
Equipped with a rear motor delivering 750 watts of power and 70 Newton meters of torque (peaking at 1000 watts), the X24 offers impressive performance.
Initially, it may not feel exceptionally fast, but switching to SPORT mode unleashes its full potential, reaching speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour. It’s worth noting that SPORT mode automatically reverts to NORMAL after 3 minutes and can be reactivated after ten minutes.

ENGWE-X24 LCD Display
ENGWE X24 Rear Light
48V 19.2Ah + 10Ah
Dual Battery
engwe ep-2 pro
Brushless Motor
Fat Tires
50Km/h Max
5 Riding Modes

Bright and Informative Display
The bike features a bright and easy-to-read display that provides essential information such as current speed, battery levels, distance covered, and more.
The included controller on the left side of the handlebars allows you to control various bike functions, including assistance levels and power modes (NORMAL, ECO, SPORT).

Integrated Lights
The front and rear lights are not only bright but also equipped with automatic functionality. Brake lights, similar to those on motorcycles, add to the safety features. There are even brake lights under the seat when the second battery is active.

Impressive Wheels and Tires
The 24-inch by 4-inch aluminum wheels and CHAO YANG all-terrain tires provide excellent grip and stability, even at high speeds.

Handlebars and Brakes
The handlebars measure 73 centimeters and come with comfortable leather grips. The left side houses the function controls, finger throttle with an integrated horn, and the front brake, while the right side includes the rear brake and gear shifts.
The hydraulic brakes are efficient, with two 180mm rotors.

ENGWE X24 rear suspension
ENGWE X24 rear suspension
ENGWE X24 rear suspension
ENGWE X24 rear suspension

Durable Components
The X24 is equipped with high-quality components built to last, including aluminum pedals, a top-notch handlebar stem, an ergonomic saddle, a robust kickstand, and well-protected cables.

Color Options and Pricing
The ENGWE X24 is available in black and gray. At the time of recording, the price, including free delivery to Europe and the United States, was $1,699.99. However, using the code BK42ENGWEX gives you a $50 discount, and this code is applicable to the X20, X24, and X26 models. Hurry, as this promotional code has a limited expiration date!

Final Thoughts
In conclusion, the ENGWE X24 electric bike is a remarkable investment. Its stunning design, comfort, and exhilarating performance make it a standout choice for cycling enthusiasts.
Having used an ENGWE bike daily, I can confidently say that the X24 lives up to the brand’s reputation.

Before making your purchase, be sure to check local regulations to ensure compliance.
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Until next time, happy cycling!


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ENGWE X24 Review

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