Accolmile Step-Through E-Bike

On a budget folding e-Bike 20″

Accolmile Step-Through 750W – Electric bicycle – RETIRED

Here’s the new Accolmile Folding 20-inch e-bike! A perfect bike for women and the elderly.
The new version for the popular 20-inch folding fat tire bike! Powerful, safe, and very comfortable, this e-bike could be one of the best options for women and the elderly.
Perfect for commuting, hauling cargo, biking, and very easy to store when folded.

Best Budget Folding Electric Bike 750W
Best Budget Folding Electric Bike 750W
Best Budget Folding Electric Bike 750W

This bicycle model is one of the most affordable and powerful folding fat tire electric bikes on the market.

When I tried this bike for the first time, I was very surprised not so much by the speed, but by the comfort, stability, and huge torque that the Bafang 750W-48V motor provides.
With the batteries integrated into the frame, this bike has a very interesting design that allows the user to step in and out easily becoming a great fit for women and elderly users.
The Samsung 48V, 14Ah battery is very well-integrated into the frame and can be recharged attached to the frame or externally. The range is approximately 40 km without cycling. This bike comes with two keys used exclusively to remove the battery from the frame. The keys are not needed to use the bike.

With four Pedal Assistance modes: ECO, TOUR, SPORT and TURBO, riding this bike is a great joy. Riding without any power assistance is easy and comfortable as well.
Cruise Control here would make a huge difference!
The DS102 display is very simple and effective even on sunny days. It shows the battery status, distance and time traveled, maximum and current speed and the status of the lights.
The head and taillights are integrated with the bike system, they can be activated and deactivated by pressing the upper button on the speed control.
There is no automatic activation mode though.

Best Budget Folding Electric Bike 750W
Best Budget Folding Electric Bike 750W
Best Budget Folding Electric Bike 750W

The handlebar base can be folded and comes with the new locking system, more secure and lighter than the previous model, however, there are no height adjustments. The handlebar is 61cm long and can be rotated for a better fit.
This bike comes with a thumb throttle and Accolmile didn’t forget the helpful bell.

This model is equipped with a seven-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur, during my tests the gear shifts are quick, smooth, and very precise. Keep in mind that after a certain speed the seven gears will become useless.
This bike comes equipped with hydraulic brakes and very effective 160mm discs.
I want to remind you, that this model does not come with motor inhibitors, meaning, the brakes are not cutting the power off, and the engine is still powered and running when breaking.

I hope Accolmile will improve it for the next generation. There are no rear shocks and the front suspension is very efficient and quiet, however, it does not have any rebound or pressure adjustments.
The Aluminum alloy frame seems to be very strong, and all the joints well-welded. It comes with folding plastic pedals making our lives a lot easier to store this bike.


Frame: 6061# Aluminum Alloy – Folding Fatbike
Hub motor: BaFang 48V 750W RM G060.750.DC 06
Battery: Samsung cells 48V 14Ah – Lithium battery
Display: DS102
Fork: Shock-proof

Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brake without motor inhibitors
Derailleur: Shimano 7 Speeds-Tourney
Tires: Kenda 20″ x 4.0 Fat Tyre
Power Assistance Level: 4 models
Suitable Height: 160CM-198CM adult

The Kenda 20” x 4″ all-terrain tires offer great shock absorption and stability to the ride.
The saddle is beautiful, comfortable, finished in synthetic leather and the springs are quiet.
Attached to the frame the kickstand is very strong and keeps the bike up very well.

E-Bikes are well-known for their messy cables going all around the frame. I really like the cable management on this bike.
It is well-organized and runs inside the frame.

If you are over 165cm or up to 198cm this bike should fit you very well! Stiff hills are no challenge for this e-bike!
I almost forgot to talk about the fenders!
They are made of good quality plastics, and the metal arms keep them very well-attached to the frame. There is no noise or vibrations.

[ Unboxing video here ]

Best Budget Folding Electric Bike 750W

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Best Budget Folding Electric Bike 750W
Best Budget Folding Electric Bike 750W
Best Budget Folding Electric Bike 750W
Best Budget Folding Electric Bike 750W

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