EVIE T1 Smart

Evie T1: Taking Your Ride to the Next Level with Style and Security

250W 36V city bicycle

Hey bike enthusiasts! Welcome back to BK42 Cycles. Today, we’re zooming in on the EVIE T1, a fantastic smart e-bike from EVIE Bikes.
This sleek ride boasts impressive features, making it a perfect choice for conquering your daily commute or exploring the city for fun.

EVIE T1 Smart E-bike
Unboxing and Assembly Breeze

The EVIE T1 arrives impeccably packaged, and assembly is a breeze.
Need a visual guide? Check out my assembly video: https://youtu.be/wuYjjfcMvS8

EVIE T1 Smart Frame
EVIE T1 Smart Frame
Frame that Shines and Makes Your Ride Shine:

The stunning aluminum frame with a step-through design makes hopping on and off the bike a breeze, no matter your height (155 cm190 cm) or outfit.
Plus, it’s built tough for reliable rides, always.
Comfort is key! The step-through frame allows a more upright position, reducing strain on your back and shoulders.
It also provides a clear view of the road ahead, keeping you safe in traffic.

Style Points Awarded!

Let’s talk looks! The EVIE T1 rocks a stunning matte light blue finish, a refreshing change from the typical white. It exudes a modern vibe and is guaranteed to turn heads.
But the sleekness goes beyond color. With an integrated battery and minimal cabling, you might mistake it for a regular bike at first glance!
This clean design makes the T1 a true showstopper.

EVIE T1 security


Frame:Modern step-through
Weight:22.9 kg
Motor:250W Brushless DC Hub motor
Battery:LG 36V, 346Wh
Brakes:Evie Hydraulic disc brakes
Security:Motion-triggered alarm
GPS location tracking*
Theft detection*
Phone alerts*

Evie Powertrain
EVIE Rear Hub Motor
Power Up Your Ride

Now, let’s get down to the core: the motor and battery!
The EVIE T1 packs a punch with a robust 250W hub motor, offering seamless assistance up to 44 Nm.
Hills become effortless, and flat terrain a breeze. The torque sensor ensures swift pedal assistance right when you need it.

The LG 36V, 9.61Ah battery seamlessly integrates into the frame, maintaining that sleek look.
While it’s not detachable, it charges quickly (around 3 hours) via a dedicated port with the included 3A charger.
Replacing the battery is also a simple task.

EVIE claims a 70 km range on a single charge. In my tests, consistently using level five assist, I achieved 46 kilometers.
This suggests a significant range boost with lower assist levels (2 or 3).

As a European-made e-bike, the motor-assisted speed is limited to 25 km/h.
However, the impressive 9-speed Shimano drivetrain lets you surpass this limit with ease. Plus, if you ever run out of battery, the T1 transitions smoothly into a traditional bike.
Weighing just 22.9 kilograms, it’s easy to keep up with your workout routine.

Smart Features for a Smarter Ride

The EVIE T1 isn’t just powerful, it’s smart!
A sleek handlebar display shows everything you need: speed, battery level, pedal assist, lights, and more. It’s clear and easy to read, so you can focus on the road.

Peace of Mind with Orbital Anti-Theft

The EVIE T1 prioritizes your peace of mind with its Orbital Anti-Theft system.
This clever combo combines GPS tracking with a sturdy lock. Just park, lock the rear wheel, and it’s activated!
Easy unlocking is done via the mobile app or a swipe of the magnetic card..

EVIE T1 Card
EVIE T1 Display
36V, 346Wh
LG Battery
engwe ep-2 pro
Hub Motor
25Km/h Max
4 Riding Modes
Upgrade Your Security

An optional protection subscription unlocks the full potential of this system for €59.90 per year. You’ll gain features like:

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Instant theft alerts
  • Remote monitoring of your bike’s location
  • Detailed ride history
  • Bike sharing functionality

Upgrading your security subscription is a wise investment, allowing you to relax and enjoy rides with confidence, knowing your EVIE T1 is always protected.

EVIE-T1 Ride
EVIE-T1 Ride
Level Up Your Ride with More Options

Take your ride up a notch with the cool Urban Warrior Bundle, which includes a front and rear rack, plus a handy kickstand. The tough rear rack can carry up to 25 kilograms, perfect for groceries or gear.
The sleek front rack adds functionality while seamlessly blending with the T1’s style. Interested?
The Urban Warrior Bundle is available for €149.

Inclusive Design and Safety Features

The EVIE T1 caters to riders of all sizes with a weight limit of 120 kg. The handlebars feature a sleek design with a bright computer for clear visibility, even in sunlight.
Control the bike, lights, and pedal assistance with the remote on the left side. Don’t forget the safety bell!

On the right side, the Shimano 9-speed shifter keeps everything running smoothly.

Brakes: Hydraulic brakes with 160mm rotors branded as “Evie” provide reliable stopping power. While they lack integrated brake lights, this shouldn’t be a dealbreaker.
It’s important to note that the front brake on my test bike made some noise.
A quick trip to your local bike shop for adjustment should solve this minor issue.

The all-terrain tires tackle bumps with ease, eliminating the need for suspension. Rainy days are no problem either, thanks to sealed electric parts and aluminum mudguards that keep you dry and clean.
The EVIE T1‘s headlight shines bright, offering excellent visibility at night.
While the rear light isn’t quite as strong, it does an adequate job of alerting traffic behind you.

Price and Exclusive Discount!

Let’s get down to brass tacks!
The EVIE T1 is priced at €2,099.00, which is already a great deal considering all the features you’re getting. But wait, it gets even better!
Use code EVBK4250 at checkout to snag €50 off your purchase! Plus, that price includes VAT and a two-year warranty.
Happy riding!

Grab your EVIE T1 E-bike today and enjoy a €50 discount with the code: EVBK4250

The Final Verdict

The EVIE T1 is a fantastic choice for city riders who prioritize style, security, and a smooth ride.
With its impressive features and functionality, it’s the perfect e-bike to navigate your daily commute or explore the city with confidence.

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Ride safe, and see you next time!

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EVIE T1 Unboxing and Assembling

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