E-Bike Error Code 07 Fix

E-Bike Error Code 07 Easy Fix

Bafang Displays Fail

How to fix and get around Ebikes Error Code 07 on BAFANG 750W – Foldable e-bike. Error Code 07 – High voltage protection Easy Fix!
Very often the solution is easier and much simpler than we expect. Folding e-bikes are very easy to store and fun to ride.
But there are many moving parts on these bikes, and some of them can easily cause electrical issues and short circuits. Keeping the contacts clean and the maintenance well done will prolong the bike lifespan and avoid small issues like the ERROR CODE 07 and others.

ERROR Code 07 Video

A huge red message is shown in the display, the battery status is empty and suddenly the system is OFF.
Once the system is restarted, the bike seems to be working well, but when you try to accelerate it, it dies again.Don’t panic yet! It could be a controller issue and as well something a lot easier to get around!
Turn your bike OFF, unlock and remove the battery. Carefully look at the battery connections on both sides! On my bike there some kind of short circuit on the connecting joints.
You will see something dark, like burned metal.
Clean the contacts using 400 grit sandpaper, make sure that all contacts are aligned and clean. Bring the battery back and always keep the battery locked in to minimize bumps.
Turn the bike on and have fun!


Frame: 6061# Aluminum Alloy – Folding Fatbike
Hub motor: BaFang 48V 750W RM G060.750.DC 06
Battery: Samsung cell 48V 14.5Ah – Lithium battery
Display: Bafang Color Display DP C18
Fork: 355-20″ series Hydraulic Fork

Shock: Hydraulic Rear Shock
Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brake Tektro – HD-M500
Derailleur: SHIMANO RD-3500 9 gears
Tires: Kenda 20″ x 4.0 Fat Tyre

EBike Error Code 07 Easy Fix
EBike Error Code 07 Easy Fix
EBike Error Code 07 Easy Fix

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  1. May 09 2022 at 4:30 PM

    It’s great that I’ve learned so much new. You certainly deserve thanks.

    1. May 09 2022 at 7:30 PM

      Thanks Ricky. I appreciate your feedback. Cheers

  2. Oct 17 2023 at 3:04 AM

    Where do you buy parts for Fatboy Edison bike needs back motor I have to identical bikes but hAs different numbers on motor hubjyl-26″36v 350w 21052547. My other bike hub motor number is lax 36v350w2621050550 any info apreshed

    1. Nov 03 2023 at 8:58 AM

      In Europe we buy parts from https://classic-cycle.com and http://www.cruisershop.eu