Amazing Flamethrower Sofa Bike!

Flamethrower Sofa Bike

Made by Mack Carter

Another awesome project!
A unique Flamathrower Sofa Bike designed by Mack Carter (Mack TheKnife)

Okay, so here’s the big project that I said I couldn’t talk about it’s a two-person sociable sofa bike you steer the front wheel…
The back wheel is on a caster and will steer on its own and we’ll follow you. This big pipe on the back right here is actually a flame thrower that’s remotely actuated from the middle of the bike.
Right here is a 44-inch wheel on the opposite side of the steering you can see this lever right here is the remote control for the flamethrower.
So that’s the big project that I was talking about I would show the flamethrower in action but I live close to two churches so I don’t want to go to prison.
There it is!

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