A Great Little e-Bike Review

The Dohiker Y1 is the smallest e-bike I’ve ever used! It is only 120cm long and weighs 21kg. As it might fit every car’s boot, it could be a great bike to travel with!
The 14-inch tires offer quite a good shock absorption, and the rear shock works much better than I expected. Tall people can easily ride this bike. I’m 179cm, and the distance between my legs and handlebar is big enough for a comfortable ride.
About the handlebar, it can be folded and unfolded with a safety clamp. It’s actually the only folding part of the bike!
The steam clip offers extra adjustments when necessary.

Note: This product does not comply with the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations and may therefore only be used in private areas in Germany.

DOHIKER Y1 Great Little eBike Review
DOHIKER Y1 Great Little eBike Review
DOHIKER Y1 Great Little eBike Review
DOHIKER Y1 Great Little eBike Review

It comes with a half-throttle. The monochromatic display is bright and it is attached to the ignition switch. The bike doesn’t run without the key on.
The head and taillights are integrated LED lights, the taillight blinks faster when the brake lever is pushed! Great input DOHIKER πŸ˜‰
A motorcycle-style switcher turns the lights ON and OFF. There’s a pretty useless horn installed as well.

The Y1Β comes with a 350W motor hub and 36V,10Ah battery. With my weight and riding style, I reached a top speed of 22km/h and a range of 36km with one charge. Not bad for such a little bike!
The bike isn’t super fast, and it’s not supposed to be!
To recharge the battery, we need to use a charging port near the tail light. The battery is integrated into the frame and cannot be removed for charging. It will take between five and six hours to fully charge the batteries.

Riding it is fun and very comfortable thanks to the excellent, soft and quiet springer saddle. Saddle height adjustment is minimal, though!

To stop the bike, it comes with two 140mm disk brakes. Brake levers are equipped with motor inhibitors, so motor power will be cut when breaking the bike.
The modern frame design is compelling and cable management is very well done.
It comes with a one-speed freewheel, but I don’t think the bike is designed to be pedaled but used as a small scooter instead.
The pedals are used only to start moving the bike and later as footrests. By the way, the plastic pedals can fold as well!Β 

There is a torque sensor in the bottom bracket that works together with the three Pedal Assisted modes. I used it mostly on flat streets and small hills, with a climbing capability rated at 15 degrees.
To conclude, it’s an affordable e-bike that can be taken with you anywhere you want. It’s not a super-fast or powerful e-bike.
It’s designed to be light, portable, fun to ride, and easy to store at home. It can be used as a daily commute bike and an entry-level bike for your children.
GearBest (inactive Website) delivers these bikes at no time, and assembling them is pretty straightforward!
It costs only $465 plus shipping.

The build quality is surprisingly good for the price, but some decorative plastic parts may not last forever.


Brand: DOHIKER Y1 Battery
Capacity: 10Ah
Rated Power: 350W
Rated Voltage: 36V
Maximum Speed: 25km/h
Color: Black/White
Tire Diameter: 14 inch
Load Capacity: 120kg

Range for Pure Electric Mode: 35-45km
The range for Electric-Assist Mode: 50-60km
Maximum Grade Ability: 15Β°
Waterproof Grade: IP54
Charging Time: 5-6 hours
Folding Size: 120cm/47.24in x 22cm/8.66in x 68cm/26.77in
Unfolding Size: 120cm/47.24in x 49cm/19.29in x 105cm/41.34in
Net Weight: 21kg

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Superior Safety: The bright LED headlight and taillight are equipped for better safety, makes it safer for night riding. This design could significantly decrease the happening of accidents.
Front and rear disc brakes provide greater control and more reliable stopping.
Massive Capacity Battery: Powered by a 10Ah rechargeable battery, our electric bicycle can persevere with moving for 35 to 45km in pure electric mode and 50 to 60km in electric assist mode, no need to worry about power shortage.
Central Shock Absorber: Equipped with a central shock absorber, makes you no longer bump when riding.
Easy To Fold: The bike can be easily folded to save more space for storage. The foldable head design is also great for convenient transportation.
The height of the saddle is adjustable, you can adjust the height freely as needed.
Three Working Modes: This electric bicycle supports three riding modes: pure electric mode, electric-assist mode, normal mode, you can choose the right working mode according to your needs.
IP54 Waterproof: The waterproof level is up to IP54, so it can protect your trip on rainy days.

1. In accordance with German law, this electric bicycle cannot be ridden on roads alongside motor vehicles. This includes but is not necessarily limited to the motorway network, the express routes, and regional roads.
2. The electric bicycle can be ridden on country roads, footpaths, and other routes on which there are no motor vehicles.
3. It is not possible to buy insurance for this electric bicycle.

DOHIKER Y1 Great Little eBike Review
DOHIKER Y1 Great Little eBike Review
DOHIKER Y1 Great Little eBike Review

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