Custom Bikes Photo Gallery 2021 Over 300 incredible bikes ever made to excite and inspire you. This video is a collection of all kinds of custom bikes, chopper bikes, beach cruisers, bobbers, rat bikes, stretch bikes, low riders, and the world's crazy electric pedal bikes (power-assisted bikes). All photos and videos were sent to my [...]
By BK42 Blogon December 24, 2021
Custom Monster Chopper Bike Made by the Bike Brothers Garage - Warsaw Closeup images of a very unique Custom Chopper Bike, handmade by the Bike Brothers Garage in Warsaw, Poland. A three meters bike with motorcycle wheels! Know more about the Bike Brother Garage: Thumbnail photo: Rafał Wójcik: Thumbnail model: Monster Bike Video [...]
By BK42 Merch Blogon October 11, 2021
Unique Custom eBike made with scrap Handmade in Poland by PAVIK A good idea is all you need to build an awesome custom e-bike! In this video, Jacek - PAVIK, talks about the design and fabrication process of his very unique custom electric bike. That awesome bike was handmade in Poland with just a few [...]
By BK42 Merch Blogon September 16, 2021
Custom Chopper Bike Handmade by the Bike Brothers Garage Know this awesome Custom Chopper Bike Handmade by the Bike Brothers Garage from Warsaw, Poland. A huge and well-designed chopper bicycle, with motorcycle wheels. Know more about the Bike Brother Garage: Thumbnail model: Custom Chopper Bike Video Custom Chopper Bike Pictures BK42 Best Deals [...]
By BK42 Merch Blogon August 25, 2021
Get to know the Brazilian Lowriders Community! Lowrider Bikes in Brazil A lowrider bicycle is a highly customized bicycle with styling inspired by lowrider cars. The bikes often feature a long, curved banana seat with a sissy bar and very tall up-swept ape hanger handlebars. Lots of chrome, velvets and overspoked wheels are the signatures [...]
By BK42 Merch Blogon February 14, 2020