Unique Chopper Bike Secrets

Unique Chopper Bike Secrets

A bike is easy to work on, fun to customize, and even more fun to ride around. So why not build your own bike that is just like you want it? A unique model! Building a bike will increase your knowledge of the industry, it will increase your knowledge of the mechanics of bicycles, and increase your self-confidence.
In this video, I show a custom bicycle build with a modified Ruff-Cycles frame, Smyinz. Many parts of this bike are crafted and made exclusively for this project. There are no replicas! No spare parts.
The Harley Davidson / Indian motorcycles style springer forks are designed and hand-made for this unique bike. It is lightweight, well designed, fully functional and very resistant.

Other unique parts in this bike: tailored mudguard, unique chain wheel, real leather handlebar, and tank, recycled 1942 Russian motorcycle headlight and custom, classic pinstripes.
Low, long, aggressive, and one of a kind!

YouTube: https://youtu.be/RUKlrkiPECs


“If you are thinking about building your custom bike, the frame is one of the most important and critical parts to be considered. It will define your bike and set the parameters for all parts.”

Smyinz V3.0: https://goo.gl/RYQU7p



Hello, my name Guilherme Myr and I am the founder of BK42 Design. I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive designs.

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