Recording a music video clip challenges

Recording a music video clip challenges

My friend Luciano Sant’Ana asked me to record and produce his music video clip. I have reasonable filming equipment, but I don’t have the proper lights and very little for audio capture. Obviously, I asked if we would have any budget for actors and lighting, I was not surprised by the answer: No 🙂


I accepted the challenge anyway. I’m learning how to film and direct short movies, it could be an interesting challenge. I asked a friend, AndrĂ© de la Cruz, theater director, to help me with the first simple script involving four people in the story, plus the singer. We contacted many friends and after some time we have found all four characters we were looking for.
The initial filming gear was a Panasonic Lumix GH5, second camera Lumix G7, for the moving scenes a Ronin SC PRO. Rode VideoMic Pro microphone was used to capture the audio guide.


To help to focus, I have an external monitor Lilliput A7S and a Fotoga DP500 2s Follow Focus. The lenses used are the Samyang 50mm t1.3 Cine Lens, Panasonic LUMIX G X VARIO 12-35mm f / 2.8, Sony 55mm 1.4 with MFT adapter and for the most classic and vintage effect the classic lens HELIOS 44-2 M42.The lighting was mostly done with natural light and light reflectors, only in the concert scenes were used some DIY lights and the club colorful lights.
The scenes in the club as expected would be the most difficult as the Lumix GH5 is famous for having poor images with low light environments. Even using the aperture of 1.3, which made it very difficult to focus, there were some noisy pictures because of the inefficient lighting gear. A lot of footage was lost.


However, one of the biggest problems was not technical but staff management. I had no idea how difficult it would be to organize the filming days and keep the recording flow in the set. On the first day shooting, we had the street scene with a lot of people passing by the main actors, obviously, I couldn’t show their faces, so it was the first issue. Since we had 9 people in the set plus the filming gear, all on the sidewalk, keeping the organization wasn’t an easy task. In many scenes, were seen the other participants in the background or equipment laying on the floor. Again, a lot of lost footage.


Controlling the movie set and keeping order is the key, as when you start shooting there are many other technical things to take care of.
Another problem is working with friends and not real actors, after having mostly all scenes recorded, with only one left to complete the story, one of the “actors” didn’t show up for the last sequence. As he was playing a major role in history, all previously recorded scenes with him were lost.


After 5 days of shooting, I finally got the minimum images I needed to compose the video in Final Cut Pro X.

Watch the video here:

Recording a music video clip challenges
Recording a music video clip challenges
filming gear BK42 Channel
filming gear BK42

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