E-BIKE Wireless Tail Light

Wireless Laser Tail Light designed for E-Bikes by Meilan X5

Meilan X5 Intelligent Wireless USB Tail Light, with Brake detection, light sensor, and Dual Laser, LED

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This is the Meilan X5 – Wireless Laser Light.
What’s really cool about it are the features like left and right turn, brake auto-detect, Day/night auto on/off, laser lines on the sides to show car drivers the safe distance to you, and the emergency mode.
A lot of scooters and e-bikes don’t come with a built-in tail light like this, so it’s something to consider.
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The Meilan X5  2000mA battery is charged by the Micro USB. It works for around 7 hours with one charge. It is made of plastic, it’s very light, and appears to be good quality material.
It is supposed to be waterproof as it is IPX4 labeled. All the electric components are sealed inside.
The USB ports are covered with a rubber flap.

There are two intelligent features: Day and Night Detection, and the Break detector.
The lights will flash stronger when braking is detected.
To turn it on, there’s a small button on the side of the light itself, press and hold for a while. All functions are remotely controlled with the remote control buttons.
To activate the laser, hit the top button one time.
There are two modes, always on and flashing. Hit three times to turn it off.
The emergency button with the triangle changes the five light modes. This is the ON/OFF button as well. To turn it off, press and hold it a couple of seconds.
The left and right buttons control the turning lights. Hit one time to turn the right side on. Hit it again to stop flashing. The same thing to the other side. If you don’t hit for the second time, the turning lights will eventually go off, but it takes quite some time.
All buttons have an indicator light, to display the mode you are in.
During the daytime, the tail light is off but if you are riding in the shadows, it may be activated and it is strong enough to be visible during the daytime.
There are two things to be improved in this light, but they are not a big deal. The turning lights timer could be quicker and the remote control could be rechargeable too.


Brand: Meilan
Model Number: X5
Type: Tail Light
Placement: Saddle Tube
Suitable for: Ebike, Fixed Gear Bicycle, Mountain Bicycle, Road Bike, Touring Bicycle
Features: Easy to Install, Waterproof (IPX4)

Power Supply: 1 x AA Battery, Li-ion Battery
Luminance: 85Lm Laser Distance: 5m
Unit Size: 110*45*30mm Packing Size: 138*44*128mm
Product weight: 0.1500 kg
Remote control for easy operation, remote controller powered by 1 x AA battery ( included ) 2000mAh large capacity battery, fully charged in about 3-5 hours, working 4-8 hours

Packing contains:
1- Rear light
1- Remote control
1- Tube mount and screws
1 – Seat post mount and screws
1 – USB cable
2 – Rubber mount adapters
1 – User Manual

Meilan X5 Tail light Details:

Wireless Remote control tail light with automatic brake detection: When braking, the tail light will automatically switch to flashing to warn the vehicles approaching you to guarantee you safe riding;
Three kinds of safety warnings: Left and Right turn indicators, automatic brake detection light, parallel laser lines, triple protection make your ride safer; Automatic light sensor, on / off according to ambient light brightness;
Red-Yellow 2 tone LED light: Red and yellow two-color streamlined high-brightness led, brightness 35LUX, three flashing modes;
USB Rechargeable: Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery, input specification: DC 5V 0.5A. Waterproof grade IPX4: Suitable for use in light rain;
Two mounting positions.

E Bike Wireless Laser Tail Light
Meilan X5 - Tail light Laser
Meilan X5 - Tail light Laser
Meilan X5 - Tail light Laser
Meilan X5 - Tail light Laser

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